MGMT is a time-tracking app for the busy freelancer.

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MGMT is a beautifully designed time-tracking application for the busy freelancer.

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MGMT is a beautifully designed time-tracking application. It comes with the ability to add clients and log time against projects


Since we're using GitHub pages, you get a 404 if you refresh the page (if you're not on the index page) since GitHub are not rewriting the URL to the index page. Please navigate the app by using the in-app navigation in the footer, and not by refreshing the page.

You can add clients, projects, track time and view reports. You can also take advantage of the settings (the cog in the top right) to fine-tune your experience.

To use the Alerts functionality, make sure you're not using an incognito window (as Chrome blocks notifications by default).

If you find the app is being particularly processor intensive, please visit the Settings and turn on the "Disable Background Animation" option.

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React React-Router Redux Redux-Thunk Reselect SweetAlert IcoMoon (Icons) Feather (Icons) Photoshop Github Browserstack

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