We have always wished for our computer to be as easy to use as our telephone; Our wish has come true because we can no longer figure out how to use our telephone.

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Fight your friends online in realtime; Use your voice to inflict damage;

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Pew pew is a realtime multiplayer game where players can battle each other using their voice. Sing along > kill each other. Share with your friends (Gotta catch them all... Pew pew pew)


  1. Open Google Chrome or Firefox (does not support other browsers)
  2. Enter the url http://pewpew.2017.reactriot.com/
  3. Enter your name > Press play
  4. Allow use of microphone
  5. Use arrow keys to move and speak to hit (meele attack)
  6. Find other players (online) to shoot and earn points
  7. You can view the scores at top right of screen
  8. Your health regenerates every 2 second

( Ping us a comment if you want someone to shoot at :D )

View the screencast:

Built With

Backand, axios, rc-progress, uuid

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