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Pawsome app helps pet owners reunite with their lost pets. It bridges the gap between lost and found pets listing.

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Having lost your beloved pet couldn't be more painful. And sadly, there are not many platforms out there for finding lost pets. Digitalizing the information through this app could help lot of pet owners who have lost their pets, find online about any listing.

In addition to lost pets, it also helps abandoned pets get adopted if found by someone. A person can click the picture and add details like the geo location, color, photos of the pet etc. Hence, if the owner is not identified, at least the rescuers could rescue them.

By allowing users to add information quickly, one can locate the lost pet easily. It can catalyze the process of finding missing pets.


  1. Login in the app with Google OAuth.
  2. Browse the Home page, apply filters like Show only Lost/Found Pets.
  3. Toggle through Map or List view.
  4. Report a Lost pet wizard
  5. Report a Found pet wizard

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Development: React, Typescript, react-google-maps, react-dropzone, @emotion, @material-ui, @mollycule/mason, @mollycule/redux-hook, @mollycule/redux-operation, eslint, prettier Deployment / Backend: Firebase

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