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A party game that break your friendship.

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Punchline is a party game which requires you to think out of the box. It is Kahoot with a twist ! You can submit extra answer and get point if any of your friend choose your answer.



This game usually played by 4-5 people. Make sure every player have their own mobile phone & connected to the internet. In order to get best gaming experience, you are suggested to mirror your laptop screen to a large monitor.

Steps :

  1. Open the game url in your laptop
  2. Click create room, you should get a unique room password.
  3. Now, ask everyone to open the game url in their mobile phone.
  4. Enter the room password
  5. Once you think that you have enough player, you can start the game by pressing 'start game' in the laptop.

How to play

The game consist of 6 rounds. Each rounds, you will be given a question that you need to answer. If you can answer the question correctly, you will get a score. However, it is not the only way to get a point.

In every round there are 2 phases. In the first phase, every player are asked to submit a fake answer. Once everyone submit their fake answer, the game will enter the second phase in which every fake answers are listed. You also get a point if you can lure other player to chose your fake answer. So, be creative !

Built With

  • express
  • axios
  • firebase
  • nextJs
  • React

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