Nao Auaki Nakaz makes up Team NaN (Not a Number).

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NaN Runner

Interactive terminal game while a command line process runs.

V800 default


Those npm packages taking forever to install? Stub that boredom by letting nan-runner run the commands in a process while an interactive runner game plays in the terminal for entertainment.



$ npx nan-runner
# OR 
$ npm install -g nan-runner


Example: npx nan-runner [insert a bash command]

Or use our simple sh script Example: npx nan-runner sh

echo Line 1
echo Line 2
sleep 1
echo Line 3
sleep 2
echo Line 4
sleep .5
echo Line 5
echo Line 6
sleep 1
echo Line 7
sleep .2
echo Line 8
sleep 1
echo Testing almost finished installing.....
sleep .1
echo .
sleep .2
echo ..
sleep .3
echo ...
sleep .4
echo ....
sleep .5
echo .....
sleep .6
echo ......
sleep 1.5 
echo DONE

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