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Face Tricks is an AI app that combines any number of uploaded photos and shows you what the offspring of all photo subjects might look like.

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Ever wondered what you and your significant other’s future children might look like? How about if you threw some of Brad Pitt’s traits in for good measure (you’re 10th cousins, after all)? Or how about if you sprinkle in 2 other people, just in case? Face Tricks will show you the result.


Visit the web url, login with either provider (Github or Google; we use this to keep images private), and click the “generator” navigation tab. Select images to upload, and tweak the weight of each image’s traits as desired. Click generate! Because this was a short competition (no time for optimizations!) and we’re using the free tier of all tools, the result can take a minute or two.

Built With

Create React App, Redux/Redux Saga/Reselect, Styled components, Firebase functions, database, storage, and hosting, Heroku Redis server, Google Colab notebook, StyleGAN, FontAwesome icons, React Rainbow Components UI (sliders, modal, misc styles), Firebase Auth UI for React, React Router, Axios, Lodash, Sharp (for Node buffers to image on disk)

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