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Casta Fasta

Enter the world of wizardry with Casta Fasta. Use your mobile device as a wand in a magic duel.

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Get ready to enter a fantastic world of magic. In Casta Fasta you, a wizard, will use your smartphone as a magic wand to cast spells. Challenge your friends or one of our apprentices. In order to defeat your opponent, you’ll have to master 4 elements: fire, ice, wind and earth. And also, you will have to cast the spells fast, because your opponent won’t hesitate a second to give you the lethal blow.

Here’s some dope slam poetry for y’all:

Everyday's a moment to prove yourself to be Masta Casta.

A true Casta masta Fire, Ice, Wind, and Earth. Choose wisely!

You, your wand, your mind set out on the path to become a Masta.

Precision and speed will guide you through.

So Casta, to become a Masta, you must cast Fasta!


  1. Open https://castafasta.herokuapp.com/ in your browser (preferably desktop)
  2. Grab your mobile device and scan the QR code. Alternatively you can enter the URL manually.
  3. Enter your username and choose whether you want to challenge another player or a bot.
  4. Once an opponent is found the duel begins.
  5. Select a spell on the screen of your mobile device (wand).
    • Some spells are more powerful than the others. It’s also more difficult to cast such spells.
  6. Hold the mobile device horizontally with the screen facing up and top edge pointing forward.
  7. In order to cast a spell, rotate the device in directions shown in a sequence on your desktop screen where:
    • Arrow RIGHT - you should rotate your device to the right.
    • Arrow LEFT - you should rotate your device to the left.
    • Arrow UP - you should point your device up.
    • Arrow DOWN - you should point your device down. Controls
    • It’s important to note, that you don’t have to move your whole arm when casting spells. This game is more like a wrist muscles exercise. :)
  8. Cast your spells as quickly as possible because the game only lasts 90 seconds. After completing the sequence, you can choose another spell to cast.
  9. Once the game is finished you can choose on your mobile device whether you want to play again against another player or you would like to challenge our bot.

Known issues

  1. If your browser on the mobile device doesn’t support DeviceOrientationEvent, you won’t be able to play. If that’s the case please try using different browser or device. Here’s the list of supported browsers: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Detecting_device_orientation#DeviceOrientationEvent.
  2. If you are waiting in a matchmaking queue too long, there’s no way to easily exit it and choose different play mode. You’ll have to repeat the whole process of pairing your devices.
  3. There’s a bug which causes player on the left (red wizard) to deal damage to both himself and the opponent whenever he/she cast a spell. We decided to play it cool and present it as a feature by saying that the blue wizard is equipped with a special cloak which reflects some of the magical damage.
  4. Some elements of the app may not be responsive. Sorry about that.

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