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WordMasters - Tech words puzzle

WordMasters is an interactive puzzle game which asks players to find hidden tech words.

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What is WordMasters

WordMasters is a puzzle game which motivates players to find hidden tech words. It shows a board of random letters at a time which contains a hidden tech word (A word which is known by developers).

How to play

  • Go to Game link
  • Enter your name and Press Play game button.
  • Find the hidden tech word and type it using the keyboard. If the word is correct, score will be increased by len(word)
  • Wait for the next challenge if you were not able to find it press space to skip (Score will be dropped by 1)
  • Allocated time for each round is 2 minutes


Leaderboard has the top wordmasters ranked by the score. Try to become the first!!. Enjoy the game.


  • Start screen

  • Game screen

  • Leaderboard screen



Please follow How to play section of submission's description

View the screencast:

Built With

Client Side

  • React
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Free mp3 sound effects
  • Logo made with Designevo
  • Firebase client

Server Side

  • Firebase
  • Deployed using ZEIT Now


  • Zeit

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