This game based on our childhood memories where we play a game with a group of children to guess if an item/animal/bird etc. can fly or not, on the basis of their answer we decide the winner.

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Does it fly?

In this game, you can select a group and play a game with them, you have to give the correct answer within 5 seconds.

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You have to select a group and start playing with that group. random name will come on the screen and you have to guess if that object/ name can fly or not fly you have only 5 seconds to decide.


Steps to run the application:

  1. open the application
  2. proceed with your name and email
  3. select a group to play
  4. on the game screen you will see a word, you have to decide within 5 seconds if that item can fly or not.
  5. on every correct answer you will get 5 points
  6. after you select an option, you can't click another option for 5 seconds.
  7. after 5 seconds you will see a next button, click on that and proceed to next question.

Note: if another person in your group clicks on the Next button then you will automatically move to the next question and your timer will start.


This application will work on all the latest browsers. Chrome will be preferable. It is not completely responsive so it will not properly work on mobile browsers

View the screencast:

Built With


  1. React
  2. Redux
  3. Html/scss
  4. socket-client
  5. browser storage


  1. NodeJs with express
  3. mlab(mongodb storage)
  4. heroku(api hosting)

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