Kunark Khewal (Full Stack Developer ): Manages the UX and UI for the game, handled deployment, visualization of the game. Ravi Garg (Full Stack Developer ): build code logic for the game. Deepanshu ( Full Stack Developer ): handles the routing and whole integration of the game. Sachin Sharma ( Front End Developer ): Created the UI for game.

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GRID is a game in which you play as a character and you need to reach the other end without getting killed by the enemies and for your help, you got bombs that you can use to break walls and kill enemies.

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GRID is a game where you choose to play a character and you are placed on a grid at the starting point and all you have to do is to reach the other end, pretty simple right? Well, you have some obstacles also, like there are enemies in the way and they got some special power which they got from the dark forces itself and that is if you happen to touch them you gonna lose. Well, you got something too, you have Bombs with you which you can use to kill enemies and break walls to make your way also you are immune to bomb blasts and you got this power from the light side of the Force.


  1. Use the Chrome browser.
  2. Use Desktop to play as the game is not configured for touch-controlled devices.
  3. Use arrow keys for movement( default action ).
  4. Use the shift key to plant a bomb( detonation time: 3 seconds )
  5. Don't worry about detonation it won't kill you.
  6. Reach the other end to win before time finishes.
  7. You can kill enemies or break walls with bombs but remember you have only 5 bombs.

Built With

  1. React
  2. Sass
  3. Lodash
  4. NPM
  5. React Particle JS
  6. Sweet Alert
  7. Now ( ZEIT Service for hosting)
  8. Images for characters from google: Iron Man, Captian America, Thor, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasley, Pacman, and Darth Vader
  9. Music for theme background: Avengers theme music, Star Wars theme music, Harry Potter theme music, Pacman theme music.

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