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Mars Escape

Mars Escape is a resource management game where you build rovers to collect ice and ore.

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The end goal of Mars Escape is to gather enough rocket propellant (from ice) to launch from Mars as quickly as possible. Use mined ore to construct new rovers and upgrade them with more advanced parts to build up a smoothly functioning fleet of resource-gatherers. All the while, you will need to contend with Mars' dust storms, in which your rovers can get lost or stuck in sand and must be rescued.


The list of rovers currently in your fleet is under "Rovers". You start with two small rovers that are equipped with parts for mining ice or ore, but they await your instructions. Click on them to open the configuration view and give them a job.

You can build new rovers and parts with the Build buttons under Tasks. Upgrade your rover with stronger motors, better drills, larger tanks, etc. to increase your resource collection. Once a part is finished building, you can equip it to any rover that's waiting in the garage.

Your rovers can get stuck in sand or lost, especially during periodic dust storms. If you want them back, you'll need to equip a rover with a rescue winch and set it to Rescue mode. It will automatically tow the incapacitated rover back to base and then wait in the garage for the next one.

Built With

  • Babel
  • array-move
  • Bulma
  • Core-JS
  • css-loader, sass-loader
  • mini-css-extract-plugin
  • eslint
  • React
  • React-redux
  • Redux
  • Sass
  • react-sortable-hoc
  • react-toastify
  • short-uuid
  • Webpack
  • Font Awesome
  • NASA Robotic Exploration background image

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